OCM 275 285BHP Tuning Package ford Fiesta ST180

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OCM 275 285BHP Tuning Package ford Fiesta ST180

OC Motorsport Power Package OCM275  Power Range 265-285bhp 

OC Motorsport have devised a selection of power packages which give the best power and value for money with our extensive experience in tuning the fiesta ST180.

Our 275 package is designed for a totally standard fiesta ST180 and will see power increase up to 285bhp once fitted with our modifications. These kits have the potential for further power at a later date with additional parts and engine modifications.
This is currently a workshop only conversion as our remaps are installed in house at our workshop in Wickford Essex.

The OCM Sport 275 Package Consists of:

A/S Performance - Stage 3 Free Flowing Induction Kit 
OCM Sport 11-Blade Hybrid Turbocharger (Tubular manifold & TurboSmart Actuator sold separately) 
High Flow Turbo Intake Elbow
Stage 3 Airtec Intercooler - Available in Pro Series black or silver with optional Airtec logo in popular colours
Milltek Sport - Down Pipe (Decat or Sports Cat)
Milltek Sport - Cat Back Exhaust System (Non Resonate louder or Resonated will pass M.O.T)
OC Motorsport Evolution Chips Stage 3 + Remap

Labour: £390.00

RRP: £3294.63 Decat or £3,496.87 Sports Cat

Package Deal Supplied and Fitted
(Non Res Louder System) : £3,199.99 Decat or £3,389.99 Sports Cat

Please Note: This conversion removes the original Catalytic Converter for a decat exhaust system which will make your car incapable of passing the UK MOT Emissions Test and is not intended for road use. OC 
Motorsport advise for road cars the use of a sports cat to retain power and allow the car to pass the MOT emissions test.  

OC Motorsport Additional products to suit 285 package: 

Miltek Sport Resonated system @ Additional £114.95
K&N Air Filter Sock: @ Additional £29.95 available in Black, Red or Blue
Milltek Sports Cat @ Additional £224.74

From Here please purchase via website and add to basket
Silicone Induction Intake Hose @ Additional £74.95
A/S BIG BOOST PIPE KIT 2.5" bore pipework @ Additional £249.95
OCM Tubular Exhaust Manifold @ Additional £623.99
TurboSmart Actuator @ Additional £184.46 (This item is needed for more boost)


Please Note: This package is workshop fitted with Evolution chips Stage 3 Remapping please call our garage on 01268 906380 so we can book your vehicle in for theconversion, for International purchasing you will need to get your vehicle live remapped elsewhere. (remap boxes are in production)